Video Production and Storytelling happen here.

How do we do this?

By taking the time to ask the questions, before we create the video.

Why do we do this?

We ask questions about making your non-profit video because it allows us to serve you and your needs, in the same you you serve your non-profit audience.

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Bringing dreams into real life. EJC Productions in Southwest Florida.

Non-Profit Video Production

When it comes to telling the story of your non-profit, there needs to be a goal in mind. Our team helps develop a path to success, working with your leadership team.

On Location Interviews

Maximum 3.5 minutes for effectiveness

Three to four person crew

Budgets starting at $5000

Live Event Management

We work worldwide, servicing Fortune 100 companies on their live awards shows, corporate meetings, and product launches. From Manhattan to San Diego and beyond. Our producers will be there.

Zoom Meetings

Live Sales Meetings and Conferences

Anywhere in the World

Video Recording

Best value when your budget is tight. Our crew will simply record your event and hand you the footage. This is a pay-to-record event. We send our team in to capture the excitement for posterity. No Editing.

Three person crew

Camera Op, Sound and Assistant

Rates from $3500


The story of the family tea cup. We will interview Aunt Mollie, Uncle Jay, and all the cousins, traveling to wherever your family is to there to get the best clips from everyone. Know that box of photos at Grandma’s house that ties it all together? Our team will scan and digitize them all.

30 minutes or more

Create your dream

Rates from $11,500

Video Production in Southwest Florida based in Naples, Florida, and here to help tell your story.