What is Video Production?

Banner. The camera lens with purple backlight. Optics.

Video Production is the process of taking an idea and then bringing that idea to fruition.  This is done through planning, planning, and more planning.  Many people try to create videos without said planning, but it never is exactly what you ordered.  When we do a video, we start by analyzing our client’s needs and then pulling out the details they require with the end product.

  1. Is it a sales video?
  2. Is it a promotional video?
  3. Is it an awareness video?
  4. Why are we doing this?

When those questions are answered, we can effectively write your video.

  1. What is the story you wish to tell?
  2. What is the story your audience needs to hear?
  3. What will motivate your end viewer to action?

These are the types of things all have to happen before we get to actually making video production.  Or the glamorous lights/camera/action part of video production.

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