Live Event Production

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of workings hundreds of live events. I’m at home with an all access pass. When I look at the show I see everything you are not supposed to see.
Blondie @ Hard Rock Live  3-26-2012
 I love seeing the drum tech hiding behind the speaker stack, look to the right behind the amps.  

To see the artist mad at the monitor technician for not setting the mix properly, the lighting miscue.

I want to say I see it all but of course I get sucked into the show.
  Though my eyes still drift to the dark corners of the set, where no light is. And I see the roadie or stage tech fixing a cable, or moving a light. After all, that was me many moons ago. I lived, and loved that world.
Yet, the oddest place I find myself now is in the audience at a live event.
It’s more fun to see the concept come to life.
To say hey, I want to do this.. Then to create it and then watch the other people enjoy the show.
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