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As surfers of said web, we want what we want and we want it at the top of the list when we google it. What influence, when your company name becomes a verb! So how do you get your site/page at the top of the list, or at least on the first page? Because that’s it, you know. The only links that matter are in the top half of the page. From mid-page on, they’re deemed just not worthy. Search your soul, young Jedi and you’ll find this to be true. If we even have to (gasp!) scroll to the bottom of the page to find a link, its probably not the best one. And forget the next page! I just got a bunch of links that didn’t work, why should I even bother? I’ll just try a new search. 

PeopleAs part of the minions fighting for attention, your SEO needs to be on the money, spot on and more of those euphemisms for saying EXACTLY what needs to be said, in as many ways as possible, so the spiders pick up on it and display it to those looking. If you’ve got a video, then you’re in luck. All sources are saying that the masses are loving to click on that little arrow, with all that high speed connection and lo-wait time to watch the little diddy. 

Little is the key word right here. Lo attention span theatre demands that any video that is lucky enough to be clicked on better be no more than three minutes or we’re gone. So much more to read, Facebook page to be checked, you know. Hmmm, Facebook…be right back….

Ok just had to see how many “likes” I got on the cute pic of my kids I posted yesterday. Hey we have priorities. 

So how can your site get to the coveted top slot on the Google searches? Embed a video! Now that that’s done, read up on best practices for SEO optimization. Search Engine Land and SEO Book are good places to get information. Figure out your keywords and repeat them often, and cleverly, within your page text. 

CB AIr Shoot

The Everglades are a blast to shoot in.  So many options, so many ideas.  Riding on an airboat floating through sawgrass.  It’s actually pretty cool, it’s always pretty cool.  Here is a shot from the shoot.  Video to come.  Awesome airboat rides too..

Why Video?

People often ask, why video?  I need them to understand that video is a phenomenal tool to motivate the audience to either purchase your brand or to buy your product.  Take a look at most media today and you will see that video is usually included as a persons marketing venture.  Remember marketing is the outward push from your company towards the consumer.  Sales is the inward response from the consumer towards the business.

Just Do Something

Here is a thought when it comes to being creative.  Sometimes you just have to do something to create something.  Say you want to write a book, but you don’t know how to start.   Just start writing.  Say you want to start taking pictures but don’t know how to compose.  Just start taking snap shots.  Say you want to make a movie.  Just write the script.  If  you don’t start the process you will never finish it.  Then you will watch your entire life pass by wondering what if.

Dyer Video Shoot

So… Today I got a quick prompter job with a couple friends, Darren Dyer and Rob Poole.

Let me explain how a prompter job works. — remember when the President got messed up when the TelePrompTer glitched and he was stopped live on tv.

Yes that’s what I did tonight. The client was a corporate client who I can’t divulge. But we were doing a promo piece with the text written out.

These jobs are actually fun to do as I get to interact with everyone. As opposed to other roles where it can get kinda boring.

So… Take a word doc, and follow a person reading the words on tv. If you roll it too fast, they sound rushed. If you roll it too slow, they sound drawn out. Your job as a prompter op, make them sound natural.
That’s it.. Any questions?