Addicted to Video

EJC Productions started when company founder Edward Clay was just 14. He was so hooked on video that he took a job working 2nd and 3rd shift doing AV at a hotel so he could learn the craft.  In over two decades since, he has continuously worked in some sort of video/TV-related position.

His entire professional life has been TV and video.  

What’s YOUR message, and how can we help you deliver it? 

On being a good influence

From Julie….Back in another life I was an alternative rock radio announcer, working at stations in Cincinnati, Nashville and elsewhere. Just today I received a message from a former 97X/WOXY coworker who told me how the program director insisted that she stop trying to sound like a typical  “slick rock jock” and more like regular people hanging out having fun. He used me as an example, handing her one of my aircheck tapes (cassettes, remember?) which she listened to every day for a week. She told me that I had really helped her find her style of relating to the audience and not being that “put-on” personality. She is still working on-air today and sounds great!

It’s been a long time since someone even mentioned my being on the radio, never mind that I had been such a positive influence. Get out there and be a good influence. The warm and fuzzies that come back to you even 15 years after the fact are well worth it. 

“97X BAM! The future of rock and roll!”  Just wanted to say it again. 🙂