Internet Memes – Call Me Maybe

I absolutely love this whole craze called the memes.  Most people in general have a very hard time being super creative.  Don’t argue with me and disagree, just ask someone to quickly think up a commercial that is funny or clever and nine times out of ten they can’t.   But, when you actually give them a platform that has boundaries they can usually pull some really clever things together.

This whole “Call Me Maybe” thing is just a blast.  I love seeing the way each group decides to use their own creativity and Carly Rae gets the credit every time.  She has been super smart and not claimed the dreaded copyright infringement. She has allowed it to go viral, plus she is rolling in the dough, because you know people are downloading (both legal and not) her song.  The YouTube page has over 154 million views and that is just one site.  All combined there are hundreds of millions of views of her song, with different people singing on it.

Here are a few of the memes out there.. Enjoy.

Original -Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae

Star Wars


Obama and Romney

Photos for Fun

Here are a couple shots we recently took with our little point and shoot.
Passion Fruit Vine
Moon 05-06-2012 through telescope
Moon 05-06-2012 through telescope
Moon 05-06-2012 through telescope
Tough Shot

A Day in a the Studio

Today we worked with a Doctor’s Natural to produce a series of national spot for several of their products.  I will post the final spots in a couple weeks.
Many thanks to Flip Minott, Hank Sorrick, Matt Mayes, J. Cruz and the great Holly Pergola.
I have to say how much fun it is to do a project when you have an excellent team.
Here are some shots of the day.
Hank acting like he’s working
J got the light pointed in the right spot
now  he’s trying to figure out how to get down..
The team making the flowers look AWESOME!!!
They thought the one on the right was too small.
Magically we have two.. size matters.
Talent standing for the first shot.
Flip walking somewhere to move something.
Hank making sure the light doesn’t move.  Wait it’s on a stand.
There’s Hank again. (don’t get in the shot)
I actually didn’t see this get taken.
Please can’t we actually make some video happen..
Holly making magic happen!!!
Everything in video is an illusion.. Holly is one of the magicians.
Stills and Video (Multi-tasking)
This Photo is with a low end still camera, Imagine how the
video is going to look
Why do I look so serious?
Love the colors..
Quick shot of the camera’s that Matt ran at the shoot.
Porn for the geeks.  20  to 100  f2.1
Prepping for the big scene.

So many times people don’t think they have the budget to spend in creating the marketing they want.  Here is a tip, surround yourself with a team that is willing to give 110% and in the end everyone will be happy.  The true value is in the team and with a team comes an investment.

 I will post some other pics tomorrow when I pull the hi res still into the computer.
Question?  Post a comment. In theory I will get a message and reply back.

Dyer Video Shoot

So… Today I got a quick prompter job with a couple friends, Darren Dyer and Rob Poole.

Let me explain how a prompter job works. — remember when the President got messed up when the TelePrompTer glitched and he was stopped live on tv.

Yes that’s what I did tonight. The client was a corporate client who I can’t divulge. But we were doing a promo piece with the text written out.

These jobs are actually fun to do as I get to interact with everyone. As opposed to other roles where it can get kinda boring.

So… Take a word doc, and follow a person reading the words on tv. If you roll it too fast, they sound rushed. If you roll it too slow, they sound drawn out. Your job as a prompter op, make them sound natural.
That’s it.. Any questions?