Internet Memes – Call Me Maybe

I absolutely love this whole craze called the memes.  Most people in general have a very hard time being super creative.  Don’t argue with me and disagree, just ask someone to quickly think up a commercial that is funny or clever and nine times out of ten they can’t.   But, when you actually give them a platform that has boundaries they can usually pull some really clever things together.

This whole “Call Me Maybe” thing is just a blast.  I love seeing the way each group decides to use their own creativity and Carly Rae gets the credit every time.  She has been super smart and not claimed the dreaded copyright infringement. She has allowed it to go viral, plus she is rolling in the dough, because you know people are downloading (both legal and not) her song.  The YouTube page has over 154 million views and that is just one site.  All combined there are hundreds of millions of views of her song, with different people singing on it.

Here are a few of the memes out there.. Enjoy.

Original -Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae

Star Wars


Obama and Romney

What’s in a Message? – behind the scenes…by Julie

Photo on Set


So Edward had this idea to do a video starring…himself, discussing why a video is the best way to deliver your message.  He was all excited about this vision stuck in his brain. (You know how those artistic types are.) So he gathered a couple of producers, copped a favor from a hotel owner friend for a location, and proceeded to do about a thousand takes of  “What’s in a Message?”  I stopped by with our boys to say hi and sure enough, Matthew ends up on camera doing the shtick himself.  (I think he was better than Daddy, but don’t tell Ed that.) Thing is, the kids were on day two of summer vacation. Matthew had serious bedhead since school was finally over and I just. Didn’t. Care.  I should have figured he would end up with a role. In an old soccer shirt, no less. So soccer shirt bedhead rips a version of the read and we depart, leaving the guys to do their thang. Four hours later my husband comes home, exhausted and exhilarated about the possibilities of the piece.



Photos for Fun

Here are a couple shots we recently took with our little point and shoot.
Passion Fruit Vine
Moon 05-06-2012 through telescope
Moon 05-06-2012 through telescope
Moon 05-06-2012 through telescope
Tough Shot

Just Do Something

Here is a thought when it comes to being creative.  Sometimes you just have to do something to create something.  Say you want to write a book, but you don’t know how to start.   Just start writing.  Say you want to start taking pictures but don’t know how to compose.  Just start taking snap shots.  Say you want to make a movie.  Just write the script.  If  you don’t start the process you will never finish it.  Then you will watch your entire life pass by wondering what if.

Live Event Production

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of workings hundreds of live events. I’m at home with an all access pass. When I look at the show I see everything you are not supposed to see.
Blondie @ Hard Rock Live  3-26-2012
 I love seeing the drum tech hiding behind the speaker stack, look to the right behind the amps.  

To see the artist mad at the monitor technician for not setting the mix properly, the lighting miscue.

I want to say I see it all but of course I get sucked into the show.
  Though my eyes still drift to the dark corners of the set, where no light is. And I see the roadie or stage tech fixing a cable, or moving a light. After all, that was me many moons ago. I lived, and loved that world.
Yet, the oddest place I find myself now is in the audience at a live event.
It’s more fun to see the concept come to life.
To say hey, I want to do this.. Then to create it and then watch the other people enjoy the show.

What’s a demo?

Why a demo? 

Then a friend of mine @ Camera’s International Matt Mayes, asked me to cut a demo for an upcoming project.  I did it but again, didn’t put too much regard into it.   Where we live budgets are really low.  Why would I want to show that material off?, but things had changed since the last time I had done a demo.  My brain didn’t realize that……..

If you want to be in the world of excellence and creative freedom, then your work needs to represent that.  (Thanks David Sowers @ DASO photo)  Bust your rear end, work harder and then when it’s time the right person will see your work and you will be moved.  You need to look like you belong where you’re going.  Kind of like dressing for success.

That brings us to today.  I emailed that reel to a colleague whom I respect in the industry as he asked me to send it.  His reply has really rocked my world in that he said that the pieces were very well produced and that we do excellent work.

This sparked my thoughts, that how can you transition from where you are currently located in life, to where you desire to go, if what  you’re  currently doing doesn’t look like where you want to be going.

After all that talk, here is our demo?