On being a good influence

From Julie….Back in another life I was an alternative rock radio announcer, working at stations in Cincinnati, Nashville and elsewhere. Just today I received a message from a former 97X/WOXY coworker who told me how the program director insisted that she stop trying to sound like a typical  “slick rock jock” and more like regular people hanging out having fun. He used me as an example, handing her one of my aircheck tapes (cassettes, remember?) which she listened to every day for a week. She told me that I had really helped her find her style of relating to the audience and not being that “put-on” personality. She is still working on-air today and sounds great!

It’s been a long time since someone even mentioned my being on the radio, never mind that I had been such a positive influence. Get out there and be a good influence. The warm and fuzzies that come back to you even 15 years after the fact are well worth it. 

“97X BAM! The future of rock and roll!”  Just wanted to say it again. 🙂 

What’s in a Message? – behind the scenes…by Julie

Photo on Set


So Edward had this idea to do a video starring…himself, discussing why a video is the best way to deliver your message.  He was all excited about this vision stuck in his brain. (You know how those artistic types are.) So he gathered a couple of producers, copped a favor from a hotel owner friend for a location, and proceeded to do about a thousand takes of  “What’s in a Message?”  I stopped by with our boys to say hi and sure enough, Matthew ends up on camera doing the shtick himself.  (I think he was better than Daddy, but don’t tell Ed that.) Thing is, the kids were on day two of summer vacation. Matthew had serious bedhead since school was finally over and I just. Didn’t. Care.  I should have figured he would end up with a role. In an old soccer shirt, no less. So soccer shirt bedhead rips a version of the read and we depart, leaving the guys to do their thang. Four hours later my husband comes home, exhausted and exhilarated about the possibilities of the piece.



CB AIr Shoot

The Everglades are a blast to shoot in.  So many options, so many ideas.  Riding on an airboat floating through sawgrass.  It’s actually pretty cool, it’s always pretty cool.  Here is a shot from the shoot.  Video to come.  http://www.cbairboatrides.com/  Awesome airboat rides too..

Joy Silhouette outstretched arms


Waves make you stronger, waves push you around, waves are more powerful then you are, waves test you, waves force you in a direction you don’t want to go, waves bring change, change is good.

Why Video?

People often ask, why video?  I need them to understand that video is a phenomenal tool to motivate the audience to either purchase your brand or to buy your product.  Take a look at most media today and you will see that video is usually included as a persons marketing venture.  Remember marketing is the outward push from your company towards the consumer.  Sales is the inward response from the consumer towards the business.

Hanging off Cliff

Florida is hot

Quick couple of warnings for doing production in the summer in Florida.

1) Water – To drink
2) Towel for water, dripping from your face.
3) Dryer for water in between your lenses on the camera
4) Mosquito Repelant
5) Extra Shirt – for water that has built up on your body
That’s about it.   Good Luck, Shoot hard.

solutions to problems

When the cable is broken. The cable never breaks. now does it?
The printer doesn’t work when the cable is broke.
But it works fine when the cable is replaced.