Visual vs Auditory Marketing

Visual vs Auditory Marketing

How many people actually listen to the ads on the radio? I know I don’t! As soon as I hear that commercial I am on to the next station and not stopping until I hear a song. Think about it, would you rather hear something or actually watch something? What do you remember more? A commercial you saw on TV or an ad you heard on the radio?

After pondering this for quite some time I decided to do some research on visual vs auditory memory. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, auditory recognition memory is inferior to visual recognition memory.

Dr. Roger Remington states,

“Our capacity to store visual patterns for later recognition is remarkable, so if I had to choose between the two alternatives I would say the simple answer is that visual information is remembered better.”

Take a moment and think…. If you are going to promote yourself or your business what are people going to remember?

Work: It’s something you go after

When a person wonders why their work load is low, they have to remember the importance of making first contact. They have to just do It. You have to do it. Make the call, and do the deal.. make it happen.

EJC Productions, Think about video Graphic

Addicted to Video

EJC Productions started when company founder Edward Clay was just 14. He was so hooked on video that he took a job working 2nd and 3rd shift doing AV at a hotel so he could learn the craft.  In over two decades since, he has continuously worked in some sort of video/TV-related position.

His entire professional life has been TV and video.  

What’s YOUR message, and how can we help you deliver it? 

“Call Me Maybe” Parody Mashup

We had a blast making this mashup of everyone else’s parodies on Carly Rae Jepson’s 2012 smash “Call Me Maybe”. Seriously, watch it. We had fun making it.Our video wall mashup throws together the Harvard baseball team, Obama/Romney, Cookie Monster and no doubt the most popular one, Star Wars.

Share a cookie, anyone?

Video & SEO – Click to learn more

As surfers of said web, we want what we want and we want it at the top of the list when we google it. What influence, when your company name becomes a verb! So how do you get your site/page at the top of the list, or at least on the first page? Because that’s it, you know. The only links that matter are in the top half of the page. From mid-page on, they’re deemed just not worthy. Search your soul, young Jedi and you’ll find this to be true. If we even have to (gasp!) scroll to the bottom of the page to find a link, its probably not the best one. And forget the next page! I just got a bunch of links that didn’t work, why should I even bother? I’ll just try a new search. 

PeopleAs part of the minions fighting for attention, your SEO needs to be on the money, spot on and more of those euphemisms for saying EXACTLY what needs to be said, in as many ways as possible, so the spiders pick up on it and display it to those looking. If you’ve got a video, then you’re in luck. All sources are saying that the masses are loving to click on that little arrow, with all that high speed connection and lo-wait time to watch the little diddy. 

Little is the key word right here. Lo attention span theatre demands that any video that is lucky enough to be clicked on better be no more than three minutes or we’re gone. So much more to read, Facebook page to be checked, you know. Hmmm, Facebook…be right back….

Ok just had to see how many “likes” I got on the cute pic of my kids I posted yesterday. Hey we have priorities. 

So how can your site get to the coveted top slot on the Google searches? Embed a video! Now that that’s done, read up on best practices for SEO optimization. Search Engine Land and SEO Book are good places to get information. Figure out your keywords and repeat them often, and cleverly, within your page text. 

Creating a video – think about the price

The first thing everyone asks about a video project is,”What does it cost?”  Actually that’s the second thing.  It occurs after they think about how cool it would be to make a video, then realize that this could be an expensive adventure.  That said, here are a couple things to think about when pricing out a video project.

1) What do you want it to look like?
If you want it to look really decent then be prepared to spend anywhere from $5000 – $100,000 or more on a quality camera.  Local spots usually look homemade; some look slightly more polished.

2) Who do you want in it?  Tom Hanks rarely voices spots anymore.  But, Mario Lopez may be free for the right price.

3) Where do you want to shoot?  A beach house is always a blast to use as a location, but they are usually around $3000 to $5000 to rent.  Unless you have a friend.

4) With whom are you competing?  If your competition is a smaller no name shop who doesn’t advertise, then you really don’t need to spend $100k to make something breathtaking.  But, if you’re going against a larger organization, better pony up the cash or they will Crush You.

5) Why are you using video?  There are so many different uses for video.  If you don’t know what you are going to do with it then you don’t know how much you should spend.  Web videos can cost less then commercials.  But they can also cost more.

Ultimately, what’s your message? If you can answer that question, then you’re already on your way to an exciting creation. Can’t wait to see it!

Internet Memes – Call Me Maybe

I absolutely love this whole craze called the memes.  Most people in general have a very hard time being super creative.  Don’t argue with me and disagree, just ask someone to quickly think up a commercial that is funny or clever and nine times out of ten they can’t.   But, when you actually give them a platform that has boundaries they can usually pull some really clever things together.

This whole “Call Me Maybe” thing is just a blast.  I love seeing the way each group decides to use their own creativity and Carly Rae gets the credit every time.  She has been super smart and not claimed the dreaded copyright infringement. She has allowed it to go viral, plus she is rolling in the dough, because you know people are downloading (both legal and not) her song.  The YouTube page has over 154 million views and that is just one site.  All combined there are hundreds of millions of views of her song, with different people singing on it.

Here are a few of the memes out there.. Enjoy.

Original -Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae

Star Wars


Obama and Romney