Dusek Team Spots

The Dusek Team represents real estate buyers and sellers in the beautiful Vineyards community located in Naples, FL. These spots have proven to be highly effective.



Structure Medical Video

EJC Productions created a marketing and promotional video for Structure Medical, a medical parts manufacturing company. The video was shot on location at their two facilities in Mooresville, North Carolina, and Naples, Florida.

We used Canon c-300 and 5d cameras, along with various dolly and grip gear and kino flo lightings for optimal representation.

Chris Bent Naples

Chris Bent Naples website home page screen shot


We worked with our client to create a blog website from scratch that offers a unique, personal approach to today’s topics. The platform was built on WordPress and our implementation team is TCMC Interactive,


Visit http://chrisbent.com to see more.

Work: It’s something you go after

When a person wonders why their work load is low, they have to remember the importance of making first contact. They have to just do It. You have to do it. Make the call, and do the deal.. make it happen.

EJC Productions, Think about video Graphic