Naples Video Production Company Wins

  EJC Productions has been awarded first prize in the “Firehouse Cooks” video contest for, held by The video stars East Naples Fire Dept. Lieutenant Craig Weinbaum preparing a healthy meal of grilled chicken topped with arugula salad, with quinoa and grilled asparagus on the side. EJC Productions, with assistance from Hank Sorrick and Flip Minott, was among over 25 entrants for this national contest, and also won an award for Best Early Entry in September 2012. View the winning video: Final Winning Video As part of’s commitment to the community, $1,000 will be donated to a local charity. Weinbaum and EJC Productions have chosen St. Matthew’s … [Read more…]

Visual vs Auditory Marketing

Visual vs Auditory Marketing How many people actually listen to the ads on the radio? I know I don’t! As soon as I hear that commercial I am on to the next station and not stopping until I hear a song. Think about it, would you rather hear something or actually watch something? What do you remember more? A commercial you saw on TV or an ad you heard on the radio? After pondering this for quite some time I decided to do some research on visual vs auditory memory. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, auditory recognition memory is … [Read more…]

Avi’s ABC’s

This is a video we created for little kids.  We wanted something for our children that lined up with principles we wanted.  We have a bunch of other merchandise.  Plus we will be launching a new web site soon.