“Call Me Maybe” Parody Mashup

We had a blast making this mashup of everyone else’s parodies on Carly Rae Jepson’s 2012 smash “Call Me Maybe”. Seriously, watch it. We had fun making it.Our video wall mashup throws together the Harvard baseball team, Obama/Romney, Cookie Monster and no doubt the most popular one, Star Wars.

Share a cookie, anyone?

Internet Memes – Call Me Maybe

I absolutely love this whole craze called the memes.  Most people in general have a very hard time being super creative.  Don’t argue with me and disagree, just ask someone to quickly think up a commercial that is funny or clever and nine times out of ten they can’t.   But, when you actually give them a platform that has boundaries they can usually pull some really clever things together.

This whole “Call Me Maybe” thing is just a blast.  I love seeing the way each group decides to use their own creativity and Carly Rae gets the credit every time.  She has been super smart and not claimed the dreaded copyright infringement. She has allowed it to go viral, plus she is rolling in the dough, because you know people are downloading (both legal and not) her song.  The YouTube page has over 154 million views and that is just one site.  All combined there are hundreds of millions of views of her song, with different people singing on it.

Here are a few of the memes out there.. Enjoy.

Original -Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae

Star Wars


Obama and Romney

On being a good influence

From Julie….Back in another life I was an alternative rock radio announcer, working at stations in Cincinnati, Nashville and elsewhere. Just today I received a message from a former 97X/WOXY coworker who told me how the program director insisted that she stop trying to sound like a typical  “slick rock jock” and more like regular people hanging out having fun. He used me as an example, handing her one of my aircheck tapes (cassettes, remember?) which she listened to every day for a week. She told me that I had really helped her find her style of relating to the audience and not being that “put-on” personality. She is still working on-air today and sounds great!

It’s been a long time since someone even mentioned my being on the radio, never mind that I had been such a positive influence. Get out there and be a good influence. The warm and fuzzies that come back to you even 15 years after the fact are well worth it. 

“97X BAM! The future of rock and roll!”  Just wanted to say it again. 🙂 

CB AIr Shoot

The Everglades are a blast to shoot in.  So many options, so many ideas.  Riding on an airboat floating through sawgrass.  It’s actually pretty cool, it’s always pretty cool.  Here is a shot from the shoot.  Video to come.  http://www.cbairboatrides.com/  Awesome airboat rides too..