Just a quick thought… What truly is a dream?  I ask this question because I feel that a change is coming in my life.  This change will be directly related to the dreams I have.  Now here is the question for my brain to process.  What is my dream?  Also, for those reading this…
Naples, FL Sky Line
Naples, FL Sky Line
Naples, FL Sky Line
What is your dream?  Are you living it or are you just existing?
I love the clouds and beach photos.  They help me to Dream.


My back has been totally blown out for the last couple of days. Makes it very difficult to function, when you can’t stand up or sit down. Flat was my only comfy angle. Hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff to post about a new show, tomorrow

Captions Subtitles Text

Who would have ever thought that doing sub-titles would become such a huge business.  I mean that 80-90% of all programs must be captioned.  At a cost of around $300-$1200 per half hour.  It’s a phenomenal tool for the people who use the service, but it costs programmers MILLIONS of dollars to create.  Think about it.

Dyer Video Shoot

So… Today I got a quick prompter job with a couple friends, Darren Dyer and Rob Poole.

Let me explain how a prompter job works. — remember when the President got messed up when the TelePrompTer glitched and he was stopped live on tv.

Yes that’s what I did tonight. The client was a corporate client who I can’t divulge. But we were doing a promo piece with the text written out.

These jobs are actually fun to do as I get to interact with everyone. As opposed to other roles where it can get kinda boring.

So… Take a word doc, and follow a person reading the words on tv. If you roll it too fast, they sound rushed. If you roll it too slow, they sound drawn out. Your job as a prompter op, make them sound natural.
That’s it.. Any questions?

Social Media: why would I need to do that?

Uh.. because almost 500 million have smart phones. And 500 million people with mobile connectivity aren’t using the traditional models. Plus Facebook has 500 million members. I mean come on.. I’m sure you can figure a way to use this tool to get more people in your door or can you?

Data for those of you to check out.

Explanation of what means what
Photo credit

Car Show

Today over 500 slick autos were here in Naples…. Here are a few pics of the day.

I ran into a production buddy of Rodney Yergan. He does a show called restoration time. Restoration Time TV imagine the restoration done on these cars… He parallels that to people and there lives… It’s good stuff.

I guess on a side note, when you look at the attention to detail on these cars, you understand why the cost so much.  Same goes for the most part with creating media.  People always say why does it cost so much?  Because the difference is in the details and the final polish.  Which costs more if you really want the project to shine.  Otherwise, it’ll be just ok.

Julie checking out this Ride.
I will own one of these.
Julie and Josh Checking out the old Shelby.

Dubs or Duplication

It was Dub day yesterday at the old office.
Adventures in Conservation
It is funny how projects wind up in your lap.  Sometimes you work, fight, and even beg to get work into the office.  Other times it just winds up at your doorstep.  This project was a really simple set of copies for a nature show that a friend of mine (Keith Goodman) is producing.  Check out the promo piece on there website.if you are into fishing and or the environment.
Marcus Jansen “A Painters Allegory”

Marcus Jansen’s project was one that we worked with a bunch of different people and I wound up directing the final project.  The team consisted of Eric Raddatz,(producer) Flip Minott,(Director or Photography)  Hank Sorrick (Post Supervisor) and Myself -Edward Clay (Director). Plus a couple others whose names I don’t have right here.  Marcus is an awesome painter who has done a ton of really cool work.  Here is a link to his website and a link to his facebook page.  His art jumps off the canvas and really makes a statement.  As for the video itself, Shot on the 5D, Posted on Adobe Premiere, Graphics in After Effects.  I really thought the final piece was awesome and told a great story… You know you want to see a link,

Scottsdale AZ

Here is a quick couple of photos from a recent shoot I was on in Scottsdale Arizona,  I was working at the Hyatt Regency on a Corp Video Shoot.  Here are a couple shots I took.  It was truly an amazing place.

EJC Color Demo For Email
The Wild West Returns
EJC Scottsdale For Email
I wanna be a cowboy!
 There was so much dust on the trail that we had to wear masks.